Monday, 20 October 2014

New Album, New Sound

Rulers Of The Stone Age- Chef Josh Homme needs to create a couple of tracks of Arctic Monkeys and they requested this in a studio in the California Wü the Rancho de la Luna studios in Southern California's Joshua Tree Joshua Homme has been the Dessert Sessions with PJ Harvey and Mark Lanegan created , in which he additionally featured . Presently he brings there again with a band , the Arctic Monkeys . This time , however arranged that he doesn't assault the instrument , yet just as a maker fungiert.die deal with the new plate ought to the Arctic Monkeys have now finished soon . In mid-July there was at that point that as of now had a few tracks completed and the plate will fundamentally hallucinogenic than its antecedent. Maybe the recordings with Josh Homme are been the keep going for the Album.die Arctic Monkeys are satisfied with the collaboration surely : you are devotees of Hommes band Queens Of The Stone Age and have been on visit with them . " We're all enormous fanatics of Queens Of The Stone Age ," said drummer Matt Helder in a late question . " If we play with them and see them live , which puts us a break in the butt ... demonstrate to you that it is conceivable to have an extraordinary song and boisterous in the meantime to play overwhelming tunes . It 's simply more amusing to play noisy music , as straightforward as that . " Whether Josh Homme guarantees at the Arctic Monkeys , the volume handle is pushed upwards , is not clear. Ever not one or the other Homme even the Arctic Monkeys appear to be clear about what soll.homme turn out precisely in the recordings : "The inverse to the Arctic Monkeys were the Desert Monkeys . So they will move here and will do so. Your thought is totally submerge yourself in something else and to tinker with a couple of tracks . I think they need something entirely unexpected experience than what they are utilized to. This is a decent place for it to make a bit music for music's meam. " We may be concerned how you will hear Hommes impact on the new collection . A discharge date is , then again, still not fest.martina Gabrić - 26.08.2008 " Musikexpress.