Monday, 28 April 2008

The last days

The new coffee house in town is gorgeous! My friend and I had a lot of fun.
But if you want to go out in the evening it’s a different matter:
Sure we have pubs, clubs and some locations along those lines, but nothing in particular.
Let’s put it this way: There are not many people and if you want to meet with someone you don’t have to make a meeting point, simply because it’s safe to say that you will come across with this person.
For the young is a location called ‘The Open Door’. In German ‘Offene Tür’ and in short the OT.
Every now and then Bands play there some gigs. Perhaps I am just accustomed to large concerts in cologne, but in the last times it wasn’t really mentionable.
Even the pub is a bitter disappointment: The elderly population sitting at the Bar, looking like someone in a movie, who’s depressive because he had never ever any luck in love. Drinking some drinks in turn.
Thanks a bomb!
The whole annoying little kids would have been even regardless. They’re feeling pretty cool to hang around in bars in the early evening.Newly a Coctailbar, a new cinema and the coffee bars opend and slowly but surely my boring hometown turns out to be a modern city. You can really distinguish the difference.

Apart from this setting this weekend was hilarious.
And now two outfits from the last week, but the second one isn't very special.

Yesterday I was in the cinema and I saw "21" and it is highly recommended!
Today we have made a little motorcycle tour. Haha really fun!